How to Disavow Toxic Links ?

Backlinks are one of the most critical aspects of creating a good website. However, this adds to the general sense of mystery that accompanies backlink management. Instead of discussing the ethics of receiving backlinks, how about getting rid of them? Is it necessary for the average SEO to be worried about disavowing links?

Unlike some other subjects, Google has been very transparent about its thoughts on backlink disavowal and its place in your SEO toolbox. Let’s look at why and how you may want to disavow a connection.

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1What Does It Mean to Have a Weak Backlink

The vast majority of organic backlinks are positive backlinks – they are the perfect internet for which Google strives, which often and openly refers to good content. The majority of them will not affect your web, but they will help you develop a reputation as a credible and authoritative resource.

The majority of “poor backlinks” are inorganic (though there are exceptions). Links bought in bulk from shady SEO pages and deliberate backlinking schemes using a proprietary backlink network are two of the most common perpetrators (PBN).

 You can disavow backlinks if you have a manual action against your site or if you suspect it is the manual action of your future. Naturally, this is the next best way to delete the ties completely. If you can disable them, such as by e-mailing the owner of the site and demanding to delete the connection, do this certainly. You should reject them otherwise. To check the toxicity of your backlinks you can use Ahrefs, Moz, SEMRush, or MajesticSEO.


How to disavow Backlinks:

Disavowing ties has never been simpler due to Google. I know it’s hard to imagine, but this is the toughest part to complete. Anything before this move is incredibly challenging and you must ensure that you are disavowing the correct ties. Create a list of all the poor backlinks you can discover. 

Then go to to use the Disavow App.


Use the following format for the disavow list as a text file:

# exported from backlink tool

# domains

# urls


Click "Disavow Links" after selecting the location you want to use.

Next, an alert can be seen, that's the same warning on Google's help page you saw earlier.

Click on "Links Disavow."

Find the correct .txt file with all the bad file connections by pressing Choose File and click submit.

And this is it! Google will process your request and after a few days, your connections will be rejected.

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